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Hey There,

A little about me… and a little about ZedBiz.

I have been involved in the small business world all my life, I have run a number of different businesses. These include farming, construction, investments and of course business consulting and marketing.

I have always felt the need to help people.  I have always been a teacher in some way or another.

Running my consulting practice has allowed me to work with individuals and show them how to make their business a success. Show them how they can have the business that works with their lifestyle.

Marketing to me is not about selling things to people. Marketing is about helping people get what they need.

If someone is hurting in some ways, communicating how you can ease their pain is part of marketing. If someone is hungry, letting them know that you can feed them is marketing. Marketing is about communicating with the people that can use what you have to offer.

ZedBiz has been the vehicle that allows me to offer various services to small businesses. We have the tools and the partnerships to allow you to have a sustainable business. And if we can’t help you, or can’t find the solution to what you need, we will refer you to a number of excellent experts who can.


Contact me today at succeed (at) zedbiz.com

Let’s Make it Easy…   Your Life…   and Your Business…

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