Quick Marketing Tune-Up

Get your marketing up to speed quickly with this online course!!

Marketing Basics – Tune-Up and Tell Your Story

  • Marketing Strategy – do you have one?
  • Target Markets – what are you hitting
  • USP – Unique Selling Points/Proposition
  • Key Message – Are you Communicating

Social Media Magic– Connect with Clients

  • Social Channel Round-Up – Facebook or ??
  • Website Tune-Up – What’s not working?
  • Building Engagement – yikes.. I gotta talk with people
  • Groups / Audience – Bringing it together

Getting Results NOW– Putting it all together

  • Three C’s – Communicate Consistently and Clearly
  • Taking Action – MORE
  • Making Offers – or you won’t every sell
  • Build your Tribe – cuz we all wanna be a part of something

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